Gratitude After The Birth Thing

                                                            Thank you for that Thank you Stephanie for the singing that told me to sing before you Lit up your meth Thanks for the memories of The moments that could’ve killed me And the misery telling me to just… Read more

'Sad Birds' Video Released!


Our new video for 'Sad Birds' can be viewed now on the website here or on Youtube.
If viewed on YT, remember to like and subscribe if you like.

In the meantime, we'll be working on the material for…

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Brighter In This Rain (Out Now!)


Yes, our 2nd song is now available on Spotify, iTunes and many other streaming platforms!

I'm honored for this song to have the big talent of Manysheva singing on it.

Thanks again for all the support; we're looking forward to…

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New Single (Jan 29th!)


We are happy to announce the release of our 2nd single which will be available on the 29th of Jan, 2021!

There was a lot of hard work that went in to finishing up this song, which included me needing…

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New Release Oct 23rd!



We are happy to announce that our next song "Tryptamine Gnosis" will be released on Oct 23rd!


If you would like to be reminded at the time the song is available, just sign up to receive updates

and other news…

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Laugh In The Dark



They were alive

Beaten down, scarred

But with gaping wide hearts

That could swallow the stars

And roll such love

Through memory.


They all passed

Nothing remained

And my innocence

At last departed

Free but didn't know it


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"Missing Savior" Released!



We're happy to announce the release of the first song from James Benton & Eduard Konovalov.

This is the launch of an ongoing project which will end up traversing a wide spectrum creations, born from the collective

experiences of…

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In my burning youth
It was this that I was
Always waiting for as I
Sat waiting
For the circus to begin.

This is what was being
Waited for as I
Watched the classroom clock
Turned the lid

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