Gratitude After The Birth Thing

Thank you for that
Thank you Stephanie for the singing
that told me to sing before you
Lit up your meth
Thanks for the memories of
The moments that could’ve killed me
And the misery telling me to just watch
Thank you mister hotel clerk
For the guitar
A sincere thanks sidewalk for
The cigarette butt and the flowers
Rising from the fissures appearing
Thanks old guy now departed
For the hug that freed something within
Thanks for the lonesome years
And the psychological bombs of
Confusion and hate
But I never was a punching bag
For the delusions
Thank you little kitty for the glance
While I was looking
A big thank you for all the slaps
Kicks and punches that have
Made me what I am
Loving equally these broken pieces
Shakes of fear, the unexpected
Tears flowing like the rays of the Sun
Over what’s left of my body In the
Glorious moonlight
Thank you.

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